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  • ECG-03G 3 Channel Portable Digital ECG Electrocardiograph Machine
ECG-03G 3 Channel Portable Digital ECG Electrocardiograph Machine

ECG-03G 3 Channel Portable Digital ECG Electrocardiograph Machine

  • Product Item : ECG-03G
  • Category: ECG machine
  • Lead: 12 leads
  • Channel: three channel
  • Function: measure cardiovascular disease
  • Advantage: automatic interpretation
  • Product description:Portable ECG manager with the development of electronic, communicative and software technique, It has significant meaning for the early-stage prediction for cardiovascular disease and family medical h
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HE-03B Digital 3 Channel 12 lead ECG machine


1 Channel ECG for Heart Rate Testing

1. Automatic measurement and interpretation-R analysis

2. Compact in size, easy operate


1. Accurate pulse pace identification and automatic analysis function
2. Working modes: Manual / Auto / Analysis/Storage
3. 80mm, 3 channel format recording
4. 800×480 graphic 3.5 inch color LCD
5. 12 leads synchronously acquisition and display
6. 100 patient cases save and replay (extendable)
7. Advanced [Freeze] function
8. Adapt to 110-230V, 50/60Hz power supply
9. Built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery
10. High resolution thermal printing
11. USB/RS232 interface, ECG software is optional
12. Can be connected to Network, USB Disk, Printer and Code Scanner (Optional)



Standard 12 leads

Time constant


lead acquisition

12bit/1000Hz(synchronously 12 leads)

Frequency response


Work mode

Man / Auto/Analysis/Storage

Noise level



AC Filter : 50Hz / 60Hz
EMG Filter : 25Hz / 45Hz
Anti-Drift Filter : 0.15Hz (Adaptive)

Inter-channel Interference



≥100dB (with AC FILTER)


5,10,20, 40, Auto  (mm/mV)

Input circuit

Floating; Protection circuit against
Defibrillator effect

Recording mode

3ch, 3ch+
Default Man. Mode is  3ch  format
Default Auto. Mode is  3ch+ format

Input Impedance


Paper speed


Input circuit current



80mm *20m Roll paper

Patient current leakage



RS232/ USB port

Calibrating voltage


Power Supply

AC 110-230V(±10%),50/60Hz(±1Hz),60VA
DC Built-in rechargeable battery,14.4V(2000mmAh)

Voltage tolerance




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