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  • GK9000 Series Dry Heat Sterilizer
GK9000 Series Dry Heat Sterilizer

GK9000 Series Dry Heat Sterilizer

Using high-temperature hot and dry for micro-organisms have oxidation, protein denaturation, dielectric enrichment and other toxic effects. Mainly through the oxidation damage to cells, protoplast, so that the death of micro-organisms, so in a certain period of time can be quickly heated to kill all micro-organisms
1, precision: GK-9000 Series Dry Heat Sterilizers using high-precision temperature control liquid crystal display device, a very humane touch screen operation, showing more clearly intuitive
2, Monitoring: The device uses advanced communications technology to support RS485 or RS232 communication interface, to facilitate the formation of small and medium-sized computer-controlled system.
3, prompt: the Dry Heat Sterilizers advanced far-infrared heating technology, the rapid warming, forced convection, hot air dry after a heat objects directly, drying, sterilization time was significantly shorter, shortest time to reach the maximum temperature of only 10 minutes.
4, Safety: the Dry Heat Sterilizers intelligent temperature control system, an increase of independent over-temperature protection, temperature control instrument to prevent the situation getting out of control, to protect the disinfection and sterilization products and equipment to protect the security role set up an independent high-power sound, light alarm device, such as a major failure of the equipment, can quickly inform the user in a timely manner. Over-temperature protection, over temperature limit that is automatically interrupted, tracking alarm function, stirring hot air circulation to ensure that the personnel, equipment safety.
5, Time: to increase significantly the number of independent time control device. To set the time limit, time of arrival of automatic shutdown, the operators do not need to wait next to the equipment.
6.convenient: the Fast Sterilizer control equipment from time to time, highly adjustable shelf, stainless steel liner, rounded corners are easy to clean, there are convenient to the operator.

Technical parameters
Type GK9040 GK9070 GK9140 GK9240
Main voltage 220V  50Hz
Temperature control range 50~250°C
Temperature fluctuation ±1°C
Follow-up alarm +5°C
Consumption power 2000W 3000W 4000W 4500W
Dimensions of working chamber 350×350×350 450×350×450 550×450×550 600×500×750
Overall dimension 500×530×675 600×530×775 700×630×875 750×680×1075

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