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IN-3000 Infant Incubator

1. Servo Control Mode: air temperature, skin temperature;
2. Instant Parameter Displaying: set temp, air temp ,skin temp, internal humidity ,heat power rate;
3. Audible & Visual Alarms: power failure, sensor failure, higher & lower temp, air& skin temp override, fan failure, system failure;
4. >37°C Preset Mode: power failure reset memory, alarm silence, keypad lock, self-test function;
5. RS-232 Output Connector (Use for network system )

Model IN-3000-1E :110 / 120 V ac, 50Hz / 60Hz;
Model IN-3000-2E :220 / 240 V ac, 50Hz / 60Hz;
Power Input :≤400VA;
Refer to IEC60601-1, this equipment belongs to ClassI, Type BF
Its operation is continuous;
Power Alarm:Power Failure: Activates if primary power to the Incubator fails or the power wire is accidentally disconnected from the wall receptacle;
Fan Alarm: Fan Failure: Activates if Fan motor malfunctions;
Sensor Alarm:Air Sensor Failure: Air Sensor malfunction, refer unit to service;
Sensor Out of Position: Activated when Sensor is not in correct position to perform calibration or continue operation;
Skin Sensor Disconnected: Activated during Skin Control Mode when Skin Sensor is disconnected from Temperature Controller;
Skin Sensor Failure: Activated when Skin Sensor malfunctions;
Deviation Alarm:High Air Temperature: Activated if displayed Air Temperature is 15°C above set point;
Low Air Temperature: Activated if displayed Air Temperature is 25°C below set point;
High Skin Temperature: Activated if displayed Skin Temperature is 10°C above set point;
Low Skin Temperature: Activated if displayed Skin Temperature is 10°C below set point;
Over Temperature Alarm:Over Air Temperature: Activated when displayed Air Temperature was approach 38°C for set temperature ≤37°C, or approach 40°C for set temperature >37°C in Air Mode;
Over Skin Temperature: Activated when displayed Skin Temperature was approach 38°C for set temperature ≤37°C, or approach 39°C for set temperature >37°C in Skin Mode;
System Alarm:System Failure: Activated if Temperature Control System malfunctions;
Temperature Control Range and Correlative Specifications;
Air Temperature:20°C~37°C,for set temperature ≤37°C, 37°C~39°C, for set temperature >37°C;
Skin Temperature:20°C~37°C,for set temperature ≤37°C, 37°C~38°C, for set temperature >37°C;
Temperature Rise Time  :≤30min;
Temperature Variability :±0.5°C;
Temperature Uniformity:≤1°C;
Skin Sensor Precision:≤0.3°C;

Humidity Display Range:5%RH~99%RH;
Environment Requirement:
Environment Temperature:Operation Temperature Range +20°C~+30°C;Store Temperature Range  -40°C~+55°C;
Environment Humidity :Operation Humidity Range 30%~75%;Store Humidity Range 10%~100%;
Atmospheric Pressure Range 700hPa~1060hPa;
Other Specifications:
Noise Level Within Hood Environment≤55dB(Environment noise below 45dB);
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Level within the Hood Less than 0.5% when a mixture of CO2 in air is delivered at 750ml/min at a point 10cm above the center of the mattress;
Air Velocity Over Mattress less than 0.3m/s;
Infant Bed Max Load 10kg;
Transfusion Shelf Max Load 2kg;
Cabinet Max Load 6kg;
Function of "SILENCE" Key:

Make the alarm to be silence for 10 minutes by press this key:Deviation Alarm;Sensor Alarm;Fan Alarm;
Factory Default Settings;
Temperature Control Mode Air Temperature Mode;
Air Set Temperature: 32°C;Skin Set Temperature: 34°C;Temperature Units:°C;

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